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We are upgrading our servers. Small downtime you may face


All Preview ICT customers who is running their business on our hosting platform can face some technical problem with their website. We are performing a very urgent upgrading on our server platform and we want to make our environment more secured for your business. This upgrading operation will take more few hours. We will update ….. Read More


How to start writing Bangla by using Bijoy 2003 Software


It’s very easy to type Bengali font in your computer’s word processing program like Microsoft Word etc.. Please follow the following steps to write in Bengali by using Bijoy 2003 Bangla Typing Software: 1. Install Bijoy 2003 software, you can use any older or newer version in your PC. 2. In your PC’s right down ….. Read More


Bangladesh TV channels live streaming for Internet users


 Bangladesh TV channels live streaming    Here you can enjoy Bangladesh TV channels live streaming. Since many days ago it’s hard to enjoy live Bangladesh TV channel’s live streaming. It is because of lackings technical resource for Bangladesh TV channels authorities. So that we can’t enjoy it through internet though we can enjoy international tv ….. Read More


Adobe Illustrator vs Adobe Indesign


When we are talk about any contents which will be used to print, it have to be high quality otherwise we can not get better qualities after printing. A good content can make a good attention of people and it helps to increase the number of audiens. It’s works as a good advertisement for any ….. Read More


Ubuntu: Setup development environment for PHP developer


After a fresh Ubuntu installation if you are going to do development works on PHP, you have to install some required packages and configure them. I am trying to list those tasks bellow. Here are the commands for installing apache server, git and PHP, MySQL packages: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php5 && sudo apt-get update && sudo ….. Read More