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Cloud Technology Solutions


Preview ICT brought you the most sophisticated, highly reliable managed cloud technology solutions based on your needs. Our managed cloud computing management solutions will give you the opportunity to maximize your IT infrastructure without being worried. Our cloud system engineers are ready to serve you whatever you need, whenever you need.

Are you thinking to start building your IT infrastructure with the power of cloud? And you don’t have enough in-house cloud engineer? So you came to the right place where a dedicated team will be ready to build you according to your requirements. Let us handle your cloud technology system and you spend more time in your business planning, innovation.


  • If you decide to upgrade your existing IT infrastructure into cloud system. Learn more about why you need to adopt cloud technology for your business
  • If you want to give more attention to business planning, innovation and not in your IT system
  • If you already adopted cloud then to minimize your cloud server management cost we are the best. See our calculation


  • Cloud Server Maintenance, Deployment (i.e: Amazon EC2, Rackspace Managed Cloud)
  • Cloud Monitoring Solutions (i.e: CloudWatch, Cloud Monitoring)
  • Cloud Database System (i.e: RDS, Dynamo DB, ElastiCache, RedShift)